MGM  Dachshunds
Companion/Pet Contract Sales Agreement

Breeder: MGM                     Date-----------------------------------

Sire's Registered name & number--------------------------------------------

Dam's registered name & number--------------------------------------------------

Date of Birth- ----------- Sex----------   Color -------------------------------------

Coat----------------------------   Tattoo or ID number------------------------------

Shots Given----------------------------           Wormed------------------------------

Name of Buyer---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Phone Number--------------------------- Email----------------------------------------


Price- -------------------    Deposit date & Amount---------------------------------

Health Certificate --------------     Kennel ----------------Included in airfare price

Airfare--------------------    Pick-up or shipping date------------------------------
The breeder guarantees this canine against hereditary life threatening genetic defects for a period of two years of age. In the event that a
genetic health disorder renders this canine unsuitable as a companion animal, the purchaser will surrender the canine, registration papers,
and signed transfer to the breeder, who will replace the original purchase ( No Cash Refund ) replace with same sex, coat type.
Shipping expense is the sole responsibility of the buyer.
If this is initialed by breeder ------------ then the above dog described is being sold as a pet quality dog and is to be spayed/neutered by the
age of six months at the buyers expense. Proof of spray/neuter must be in the form of a signed letter from your vet and sent to me for my
If this is initialed by breeder (      ) Then the above described dog is being sold with full AKC registration papers...Which means you have
the full rights to breed or show the above described dog.
Breeder agrees once a $206.00 deposit is paid on the above described dog to hold it for the above buyer and not to sell it to any other buyer.
Breeder guarantee this dog is a purebred dachshund registered with AKC American Kennel Club
Breeder guarantees this dog is in good health at the time of purchase, free from contagious disease's with the following immunizations &
worming on the dates provided.
Breeder cannot guarantee adult size or confirmation of the above-described dog.
Buyer agrees to pay a nonrefundable $206.00 deposit to hold this puppy till it is 8 weeks old, the remaining of the balance is due when the
puppy is picked up or before the pup is shipped.
We will accept Pay-Pal for deposit only, or US Postal money orders for balance due or Pay-pal. There is a fee for this Service.
Buyer may at his or hers option, take said pup to a veterinarian of his or her choice within
48 hours, if he or she desires, for complete
examination and health check at purchaser's expense. Should the pup be determined to be in ill health, the cause of which is clearly
attributable to the seller, the pup may, upon presentation of a
written diagnosis ( proof ) ( X-rays - CT  ) from said veterinarian
be returned for another pup of equal value, from stock on hand or expected litters, the choice of which to be determined by seller, you have
48 hours once the pup leaves the care of the breeder. No Refunds. Buyer is responsible for all veterinary bills once the pup leaves the care  
(  home ) of the breeder.  Shipping is a service we provide at the request of the buyer.
Shipping cost are
. All puppies have a Health Certificate from the veterinarian before they are shipped. This puppy is
sold as a pet quality with no guarantee for show or breeding.
Buyer must assume full responsibility for the health, temperament, and appearance of the above-described dog upon possession. Buyer
further agrees to maintain the dog at all times in good health with all current immunizations, worming and medical care it will need, this
warranty does not cover any surgery for neutering or spaying your puppy or adult, you will have to make prior arrangement with your
veterinarian about what insurance he gives for the out come of the surgery he is performing. This warranty does not cover any elective
surgery. You need the authorization from the breeder to euthanasia your pup, if you do not obtain authorization, this will nullify your
guarantee . When your pup is registered, we highly recommend you can take advantage of AKC Pet Insurance it has a introductory 30 days free, we encourage you keep insurance on your animal, this free insurance
for 30 days will not work if you do not reg your pup with AKC, plus you can purchase this insurance without reg your pup by going on line
too        If you can not afford veterinary care do not buy any animal.
The actions and upbringing of the dog is the responsibility of the buyer, under no circumstances is the breeder to be held responsible for the
dogs or its behavior.
We never want one of our dogs to end up in the animal shelter or pound, so we have an open door policy, if at any time it comes necessary
for the buyer to place the dog in another home the buyer agrees to return the dog to the breeder with no questions asked. No refunds will
be made.
If you do not pick or ship the pup by the time it is 10 weeks old you forfeit all rights to the pup and lose your deposit and the breeder has all
rights to the pup and you lose your deposit and the breeder has all the rights to resell the above described dog.
If you purchase this pup after 8 weeks of age, we give the new buyer 7 days to pickup there new puppy, after that time we appl
y daily
kennel fees
( $15.00 day )    Price quotes are good for 24 hours, deposit locks in price.
I , WE, the breeder & buyer certify that we have read this contract, understand the contents, and agrees to it fully.
We recommend you fed your puppy ( IAM's Dry Puppy food for 15 months ( Yellow sack ) then you can change too ( IAM's ) green sack,
after 15 months.  Most bone ( Structure ) has to do with the food you are feeding the animal.

Breeder Signature -----------------------------------------------  Date -------------------------2015

Buyer Signature --------------------------------------------------  Date ------------------------2015